Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Adventures of Anniekin Xiaowalker

Hello to whoever will be reading my blog. It has been a while. So to keep everyone a little up to date and for me to get off my lazy ass here are a few photos of what I've been up to these past few weeks. Also my absence can be blamed on my lack of organisation for my 18th birthday this weekend (GAH! So stressful)

The first image is actually a picture of the massive queue outside the mink pink warehouse sale which Lizzy and I RAIDED! Jokes we just bought heaps of shiz... like HEAPS! Outfit post to come!

Lizzy on the train with her pile of mink pink clothes 

Eating lunch at this awesome litttle japanese restaurant which I forgot the name to...

My new mink pink bustier like bikini, a bargain for $20!

I love mink pink... <3

 My essential accessories I never leave the house without...

My little sis :)
A beautiful sunset over blacktown 

My new staple shirt with a gaping hole at the back - $15

 Worn with polka dot high waisted shorts by mink pink - $10

Well that's pretty much it since I've managed to lose my SD card in the midst of my house... so I haven't been snaping away like usual. Anyways more photos will be up soon for the world to see :)

Enjoy! and let me know what YOU have been up to this summer :)


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