Monday, June 20, 2011

E X A M S F I N I S H E D.

Hellooo everyone! I've finally finished my finals for uni!! WOOOOOO!!! I'm over the moon, honestly, the lack of sleep, bad eating habits and the constant studying has seriously taken a toll on me. Now I can finally blog and look at photos without any guilt. Photos of me and my new finds will be up soon. I couldn't resist the end of financial year sales. God everything is so cheap now. Today I bought a pair of wedges for $37 which were previously $129! WIN!

But the picture above is the pair of shoes I have been hunting for everywhere. A girl from tumblr kindly told me where to find them but guess what? They've sold out... BOO! :(.

Anyways I hope everyone had a great 2 weeks since I've been absent for so long! And goodluck to everyone else who are still doing their exams! NOT LONG TO GO!

As for me, it's time for some partayiiinngggg and some shopppiiinnngggg. All these adventures shall be posted up on my lovely blog for all to see :D

But for now, it's bedtime!



p.s. check out my random tumblr lol. Right here.


  1. grats on finishing finals! Those shoes are amazing! :)

  2. Thanks taylor! And haha those aren't my shoes... but i wish they were!