Saturday, March 31, 2012

M A Y .

For the past year, I have been stalking and crying over the fact that I cannot afford a single piece however, I cannot hide this brand from you all any longer. The lovely brand is May. Most girls from sydney or even Australia have probably heard of this label because of the designer's impeccable taste and the simplicity in the designs. May the label, in my books, is the label to look out for!

The head designer of May recognised many labels out there just weren't giving the best staple pieces that could be thrown over anything without a second thought. So she created May. It is by far the most amazeballs brand to date that I know of, that has brought dresses every single season that has ticked the boxes of wearability, trendy and completely feminine.

I'll give you a few examples, from May's 2011 summer collection the Bennett Dress in orange, black and swirl. I'm very very much in love with skater dresses and May pulls it off perfectly. Shame there are none left in stock :(.


The Autumn Winter 2012 Collection, 'Spirited', has the colours a dreary winter needs. Lots of khaki, greys, maroons, mustards and of course black! But do not worry, the collection itself isn't bland or dreary! 

Simplicity at its best.

Wipe the drool off your face. 

The designs are addictive aren't they? You can never have enough of May :) If I ever get my hands on one piece, it'll be up asap!



p.s. sorry for the crap photos. 

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