Friday, April 13, 2012

F L O A T.

Even though summer has past, Sydney has blessed us with some decent sunny weather. Barely any rain and plenty of sunshine. Thank god! I'm pretty sure every single Sydney sider is thinking... 'ABOUT TIME!' I've even donned a couple shorts and skirts here and there... and guess what it wasn't even summer anymore. Autumn was more of a summer than summer itself! Oh well! However over the past week, the chill has taken over and it's time for some layering and lots of sweaters!

BUT BEFORE I SHOW YOU MY NEW AUTUMN WINTER WARDROBE! I will finally show you what I've been wearing over the past 'summer' especially since I've been back at uni :). Sorry about the absence life has been a bit hectic lately and now that I'm finally on break I've managed to take some lovely photos for you all. That way you guys can finally see what my style is :).



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  1. That's such an amazing photo Annie (: Can't wait to see your new wardrobe, p.s. sorry I didn't make it last night, weep weep weep