Saturday, April 14, 2012

M Y H E A R T B E A T S R E D.


(Blazer - Zara, T-shirt - Boyfriend's, Pleated Skirt - Motel, Loafers - Rubi, Collar necklace - General Pants Co.) 

So I've been a bit of a workaholic lately but I finally caught up with a couple of friends the other night and this is what I wore. It's feels so nice talking to friends rather than lecturers and tutors. Honestly I thought I would've gone crazy if I didn't... soon.

OH and I finally purchased the metal peter pan collar/necklace/thing and it was only 30bucks! 30 BUCKS! I was super happy considering the ones I showed you guys a month ago cost about an arm and a leg of a student who earns barely anything a week :(.

And stealing your boyfriend's T-shirt is the best thing in the world. Guys have better T-shirt designs. Full stop! So just steal them off a guy you know and you're set!

Anyways I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays because I AM! :)


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