Tuesday, April 17, 2012

P A R K & C U B E.

A few months ago I came across this beautiful blog that not only captures the beauty of fashion but of her travels, the world and she manages to make it all seem like a fairytale. It makes me feel so nostalgic but is it bad that my heart aches to be young and free again. Free from all those assignments and worries of money? Ahhhhh well time to grow up I guess but in the mean time I'll just stare at this beautiful blog by Shini Park. She has now become my new role model. She lives the life that I want in about 5-10 years. Oh to dream!

She simply captures why I love fashion and why I am so looking forward to travelling as I design. LOVING LIFE YEAH!

Oh did I forget to mention this amazeballs blog? It is Park&Cube (if the title wasn't obvious enough).

Check out her blog. It's worth the read. Your eyes will thank you for it. :)


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