Tuesday, April 17, 2012

C O A C H E L L A.

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So the festivities have started in the US and soon it will hit here down under. However, when I turned up at Future... it was a little different to the fashion you see at Coachella. You see a lot more flesh at Sydney festivals... on girls and guys. The common trend is no shirt and the shortest shorts you can find. I have photographic evidence of this fashion no no.

However, Chanel Iman seems to look so effortlessly hot and smokin without looking cheap like some girls I saw at Future... hmmm. Time to rethink your fashion ladies. The fashion at Coachella could teach you a thing or two. If you want to show more skin take Rihanna's style or Chanel's as a good example. Smokin in a classy way.

Here are the photos I promised too!

I apologise for the lack of clarity we forgot to bring a decent camera and this is what a phone camera does :(. And for all your amusement I have included extremely shocking photos of myself ha! You will also get to see my beautiful boyfriend and me dancing with free glow sticks. YAY for free stuff!

On the other hand, music festivals really is about the music and hopefully this year at Stereosonic I will get to witness the best line up yet with some good company (and a little booze hehe). In the mean time, I'll just dream of the day I get to physically attend Coachella and soak in the Californian sun.

Time for beddy bye time and to dream of the absent sun in the sky.


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