Monday, April 16, 2012

F E E T F E T I S H.

These beauties are the current shoes I've been wearing to everything. Literally, everything - to work, to uni, to the shops, to the cross/clubs, but not the beach (obviously). This is probably the most comfortable set of shoes I've purchased over my entire life. I seem to be incapable of buying comfortable shoes for my feet UNTIL THIS YEAR! Even the ones with heels are comfortable... yes really ladies, some heels are comfortable. The JC litas at the end... I ran in those. YES I RAN! 

The line up includes:

1. Leopard Print Loafers - Wandering Souls

2. Black Suede Loafers - Rubi 

3. Patent Brogues - Random store

4. Dacey Zip Boots - Wandering Souls

5. Cher Strappy Wedges - Therapy 

6. Litas - Jeffrey Campbell

Anyways these have been my shoe essentials for the past 8 months and I don't plan on getting any more! How weird is that? I'm usually a sucker for shoes but lately I just haven't found that I need any. Seriously that is a first... My boyfriend should be proud of this haha. 

If I get another pair of shoes in the next month, you guys will be the firs to know ha! That is if I cave... I really hope I don't! *fingers crossed*


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