Sunday, April 22, 2012

S U I T U P.

(Aqua Blazer - Bardot, Aqua Shorts - Myth Conception, Lace Collared Shirt - Valleygirl, Gold Choker - Collette, Leopard Print Loafers - Wandering Souls)

As Barney Stinson would say, "Suit Up Gentlemen!" Well in this case ladies as well. Here's a little twist on the typical suit set. Add a splash of colour or in my instance my favourite colour this spring, aqua. Cannot get enough of it. It's strong on the eyes but not girly in any way. I guess that's why I like it. It's sophisticated, hits the spot on the trend radar and not too girly. This Summer/Spring and Autumn/Winter seasons we will be seeing heaps of suit combinations especially with print clashes but for me I love a simple clean cut, one tone two piece suit. However, in all fairness it didnt actually come as a set. I just found the two and they happened to magically be the same shade of aqua. Lucky me!

To break up the strong colour palette, I added a simple white lace collared shirt and a gold choker and I was set. But it was still missing something. Something that would make the outfit complete yet a little bit quirky but obviously still retaining the 'ann vibe' (ha!).

I remember the first time I wore those leopard print loafers, one of my friends (Rose H.) went mad over the fact that I started liking leopard print. Leopard print plus loafers, she thought I had gone bananas. Too bad rose, they're staying in my collection for quite some time!

I hope you guys enjoyed my rendition of the traditional suit.


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  1. Secretly in love with your leopard print loafers, but will NEVER tell you that in person. Colour is absolutely amazing!