Saturday, May 5, 2012

M B F W A # 1 - Romance was Born

The first day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was hectic. I volunteered for this fashion festival and I had an absolute blast! My feet hurt by the end of each day and I think I gave myself a headache because I was hyperventilating so much from the sheer amount of celebs and international bloggers that attended. Every single one of my idols were there. Phil Oh, Tommy Ton, Rumi Neely, Susie Bubble, Sarah from HarperandHarley, Nicole Warne, Jess from Tuula, Tash from Breakfast with Audrey, Bryan Boy, Bambi, Rachel Rutt, Head Editor of Vogue, Head Editor of Harper's Bazaar and the list goes on and on. I was constantly in a state of shock or I was fan-girling hardcore, as were most of the other volunteers.
The first round of runway shoes were numerous to say the least. A huge line up and Mercedes Benz fashion week started off with a bang from Romance was Born.

(Source: vogue)

Unfortunately these photos aren't by me, as volunteers weren't allowed to take pictures. Was such a bummer. However, I will give you guys the round up via vogue!

This collection by Romance was born is their new Spring/Summer 12/13 line and their take on the print clash trend with a few superheroes thrown in to make it a little bit more fun. My favourite one would have to be the fourth image from the top. I love how they've turned a mishmash of superhero figureheads mixed in with zigzag sequined lines into a simple cocktail dress. The novelty pieces this coming season is going to get big. So hope on it ladies. One off quirky pieces that don't necessarily make sense but look good anyways is the thing of the future. Or for the next year or so, I'm guessing.

Time for bed now guys!


p.s. sorry for the varied sizing of the photos. I'm still working on it. Will be sorted by tomorrow :)

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