Tuesday, May 1, 2012


 I haven't been posting for the past few days unfortunately due to a hectic schedule of uni and volunteering at fashion week and a round of assignments. It's been quite the crazy few days so I do apologise for my absence! Anyways this was my absolute favourite outfit for the past summer because it was easy, breezy and very very sweet. I got a little bit of inspiration from the lovely lady, Olivia, who owns the blog lust for life. Her style is a combination of boho and californian swag, it's actually incredibly hard to nail. Somehow Olivia makes it look so effortless like she spent about 2 minutes throwing it on in the morning. Wish I had that kind of swagger.

(Pink Kimono - Cooper St, Lace Crop Top - August Street, Suede Shorts - Vintage, Fur Clutch - Etsy, Suede Boots - Betts, Necklace & Sunnies - Sportsgirl)

Also over the past 6 months, I've discovered etsy. It is now my best friend. You can literally find on
trend pieces for a fraction of the price and all are hand made one off pieces, which makes each item you buy just that much more special. Screw the big department stores, I say ETSY ALL THE WAY! But some of you probably already knew that. I purchase that lovely faux fur clutch and vintage suede shorts. They were cheap and possibly my best finds over the past summer/spring.

Anyways in the next week once my volunteering is over, I'll be posting up photos of Sydney's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Excited? There's lots to show you!

I'll be showing you bits of pieces of street style and runway shows from other sources. This is due to the fact that the volunteers aren't allowed to take photos. BUT I do have one momentus accomplishment. I met Rumi Neely from Fashiontoast. The one and only Rumi Neely. I nearly died. Literally. Short of breath, red cheeks, sweating and stuttering. You would've thought I was about to have a heart attack. Fangirled to the max.
Until next time :)

x Ann

p.s. I won't be bothering with super long titles anymore. They will simply be outfits, inspirations, DIYs, other bits and pieces. Simple, clean and straightforward titles! Let me know if you guys like it better!


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