Sunday, May 6, 2012

M B F W A # 1 - Miss Unkon

(Source: Vogue Australia)

This show was by far my favourite on the first day of M B F W A. I even got to usher for this show and I got to meet the lovely Nicole Warne. The best day EVER! However this was just the beginning of Fashion Week day 1. The Miss Unkon show blew my mind with the diverse range of pastels and chiffon material with cleverly laced embroidery that accentuated the feminine shape. It was very sophisticated line with playful hints of girliness and definitely keeping up with the trends. It made me crave for a warm spring morning with flowers growing around me. Somewhat fairytale like with lots of candy floss. I absolutely loved it. Anyways enough of my rambling about what I thought. Check these beauties out, courtesy of Vogue of course. 

My favourite outfit has to be the fifth one from the top. The white chiffon and silks with white embroidery on the hemline of the skirt just gives a feeling of serene comfort except in a classy way that could be worn as evening wear. 

Oh bring on spring Sydney. I am so ready for it. Miss Unkon has nailed Spring to a T. 



  1. You are so lucky! How was fashion week? The fifth one is my favourite one as well, also loving the pink floral lace, sheer dress. Keep posting Ann, these are amazing!

    1. Hey rose!

      I'll tell you all about it when I see you next :). Yeah my absolutely love the fifth one. HAHAH yeah that pink one closed the show. It was epic to say the least! Ohhh sooo many sheers. Cannot wait for spring to come!