Friday, May 18, 2012

M B F W A # 1 - Manning Cartell

(source: vogue)

Hello lovelies. 

Sorry I've been absent for the past week. Uni is really starting to take a toll on me but fortunately it all ends in about 3 weeks. Yay for holidays! In the meantime I better finish my posts for MBFWA. To be very honest guys there were only a few shows that I really did admire so I'll only be posting those one ups because I believe those designers did the best in terms of creativity whilst also following the currents trends. So next up is...


They did a fabulous job of combining sheer delicate fabrics (mesh, chiffon even perspex) against floral printed garments, keeping it fresh and vibrant for Spring/Summer later this year. You'll understand once you see the photos. To me this coming Spring/Summer, everyone will be seeing a lot more organic fabrics against floral motifs cleverly printed, mostly digitally printed and DEFINITELY lots of pastels. One thing I did see that repeated through most designers was their interpretation of lace. Here Manning Cartell has taken it to whole new level making the dress look like a web of snow flakes on snowy morning. I absolutely love it. I'm a sucker for lace or any rendition of it. There is going to be a lot to offer this coming season so keep your eyes peeled ladies. This Spring/Summer is gonna be a ball of fun... or sun. (lack of sleep talking here) 

I hope you guys are enjoying my posts! There will be more to come, especially with this chill coming through Sydney. More floor outfits to show you all to beat the cold! Especially if you go to a uni that funnels wind into one single walkway that makes it impossible for you to keep warm no matter what you're wearing. Yup, the life of a UNSW student. Yay... 

Next post is... ZIMMERMAN! 

Stay tuned.

Ann X. 

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