Wednesday, June 13, 2012


(source: vogue)

As promised here are photos of the Zimmerman show from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I know it's about two months late but I loved what the ladies at Zimmerman made that I just can't keep it to myself. 

This collection has to be one of my favourites by Zimmerman because of all the fluid pieces they've created with beautiful digital prints combined with fresh pastel colours. It makes me feel so cheerful and so very very happy. Not only has Zimmerman hit the trend mark with peplum tops and knicker shorts but they've managed to put their own little twist to each piece with a bit of origami structures and lace everywhere even if it isn't the traditional lace but rather more holey. 

My favourite piece of the collection is the last picture of the dress with ink stains. The print and colour reminds me of cherry blossoms in spring and the length is so sophisticated yet very modern. I absolutely adore it. 

One last designer before I go back to my outfit posts which is MICHAEL LO SORDO. I think I'm in love haha!


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